Frequently Asked Questions

How does it work?

You pay a monthly subscription price of 6$ and that gives you an unrestricted license to sell sneakers on our site.

How Is it so Cheap?

We are able to keep our prices as low as possible because we have no overhead. Our team includes a top tier programmer and systems manager. We did everything ourselves so we do not have to pay for anything besides hosting fees.

How Do I Become A Seller?

We made this one easy, click the big blue button on the home page that says "Start Selling", Then put in your info and wait to be approved.

Why don't my products immediately appear on the website?

We go through every listing to make sure that there are no fakes and that everything is correct before we approve a listing. It should take no longer than a day for your listing to be approved.

Why should I sell here vs Instagram/Other Marketplaces?

We have the lowest fees of any marketplace. We also give buyers and sellers security that social media platforms cannot provide. Our website is designed to help you build your business and make as much money as possible.

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