In 2016, I won my first SNKRS draw

It was the banned Air Jordan 1, and I knew they were worth more than I paid for them. I held the shoes deadstock in my closet for over a year and started buying more pairs. By 2017, I had 5 pairs of shoes worth over a thousand dollars.

I wanted to start selling them and looked at my options, but the fees of 10%, 12%, and 25% of the selling price would eat up most of my profits and I questioned whether it was even worth it to sell them. So I started selling them on Instagram as a way to sell without fees, but it was hard to reach new buyers and there were tons of people trying to scam me all the time.

Seeing the market for second hand sneakers

While scrolling through YouTube one day, I came across a video on sneaker restoration and decided to give it a try. I started buying used sneakers, restoring them and selling them for a profit but I still was limited to either Instagram or Ebay both coming with their own disadvantages.

By 2019, We had converted a closet in our house to my Warehouse

With over 50 pairs in my inventory and averaging 5 sales a week, my methods of selling on Instagram and Ebay were getting challenging. I needed a way to market to an audience while improving security.

There had to be a better way

I asked my dad what it would take to build a website to sell my sneakers. My dad is a professional programmer, systems engineer and a proven entrepreneur. Together we came up with the idea of build 6Sole, a marketplace platform for not only me to sell my sneakers but other people as well.

Low Fees, Trusted Sellers, and Satisfied Buyers

We built 6 Sole on these values, and we know we’ve got a better solution for people like me. We’ve designed the platform around low fees since our model has low overhead. We don’t have to hire expensive programmers, we are the expensive programmers. We approve every listing, we verify our sellers vs. verifying the product, and we make sure our buyers are happy with their purchases before we pay our sellers.

We’re Here to Make Sneaker Trading Great Again

6Sole, INC is a Colorado Corporation based in Avon, Colorado. Please contact us if you have any questions or would like help getting started.

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