Online Sneaker Marketplace

6Sole enables its customers to market and sell sneakers with the lowest selling fees. We enable our sellers can list their shoes with a rich feature set to market their shoes. Branded stores, audience builders, and marketing platforms, 6Sole offers a feature set that is unmatched. We keep the fees low because 1.) all we are doing is operating a platform, and 2.) we want to fend off any potential competition.

How it Works :

Sellers list their sneakers through their account. Listing a pair of sneakers is simple and takes less than a minute using either a desktop or mobile device.

When a buyer buys the sneakers, we collect the funds and hold them in escrow until we confirm that the buyer has received their product and is satisfied. When the buyer confirms they are satisfied, we send the money to seller’s PayPal account

Easier to Use and Lower Cost:

6Sole has richer functionality and enables sellers to build their own brand and customer base. We’ve kept our fees low and are continually adding to our feature set. What you see today is a minimum viable product. As we continue to gain support from the marketplace, we will add more and more features.

Verification through the Crowd :

We source the crowd to verify our seller leveraging user reviews and past performance. 1000’s of fake sneakers make it through the authentication houses every year and it is a failed approach. The fakes are incredibly good and sometimes very hard to spot. To avoid the high fees charged by the authentication houses, sellers either sell through Instagram which is risky for the buyer, or eBay with is expensive for the seller.

How it all Started

6Sole is a collaboration between a father and son. The son knows the sneaker market and is a successful sneaker trader having bought and sold 100’s of sneakers and still actively doing so, and the father is a professional eCommerce developer currently responsible for over $100MM in transactions annually and a proven entrepreneur. 6Sole is an answer to the son’s challenges as a sneaker trader.

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